Many thanks for the Alfredo and his team your excellent customer service and thanks again for utilizing your REair technology. My patients and employees secure and protected.

Dr. Sonia Molina

Molina Endodontics, Downey, CA.

Excellent customer service and thanks for using REair to protect our Dental Clinic. I surely feel protected knowing your technology keep on working to protect my clients.

Dr. Maria Lopez

Thank you Alfredo for introducing me to REair, your demonstration was impressive and then when I needed your service, you were very responsive in coming to my locations when I needed you. Thanks again.

Dr. Dominic

So impressed by your technology of REAir and your quick response to come and protect of school. Our parents and children feel secure that a product protects them continuously. Thank you so much!

Mr. Assound

As the owner of a restaurant in Los Angeles, when the pandemic hit our shores in early 2020, we found ourselves in a very dangerous situation. After a long research amongst companies that provided sterilization services, we found REair Global. Their overall approach and idea is regenerative. Everyone else sterilize and leaves. REair Global continues working for our safety with the light of the day. Staff was professional, fast and incredibly well prepared. After 6 months check, the values of the surfaces were still in line with the parameters that were given to us prior to start. And that was another welcoming news.

Mr.Francesco Zimone

American Safety Group is excited in teaming up with REair Global in paving the future of decontamination and proving the US with green FDA approved products. Together, REair and our US Veterans at ASG have been assisting small buisness stay in compliance and keep the American work force safe.

Mr. Alfredo Valdez