REair offers its innovative and patented systems for the treatment of surfaces in INDOOR and OUTDOOR environments,, “active surface coatings” that guarantee measurable performance and several advantages for the environment.
The REair system is based on the principle of Photocatalysis, a natural oxidative degradation process of polluting and microbiotics substances diffuse in the environment, which is obtained through ‘photo-active’ substances, i.e. activated by light (solar or artificial) and the humidity in the air.
The fundamental principle of REair’s technology consists in the decomposition of organic compounds using light – natural or artificial – and a catalyst material: the best known and totally natural example is chlorophyll photosynthesis, which uses leaves (catalyst) to transform water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose through light.

REair’s formula, based on titanium dioxide (TiO2), consists of a latest generation photocatalytic (water-based) solution, capable of effectively reducing pollutants, thus guaranteeing hygiene and safety in every environment.


- Fine particulate matter (PM 2,5 - PM 10) - VOC (Volatile Organic Components) - Ethanol - Carbon monoxide - Benzene - Ethylbenzene - Toluene - Methanol - Sulfur dioxide or sulfur dioxide - Polycondensed aromatics - Nitrogen oxides - Acetaldehyde - Formaldehyde - Xylene - Nicotine - Ozone.


- Air purifying action - Self-cleaning action - Odor neutralizing action - Almost total elimination of VOC (99.8%) - Elimination of FORMALDEHYDE - Bacteriostatic action (mites, molds, spores, animal allergens, bacteria, pollen) - Very high degree of conservation of the original structure - Totally environmentally friendly.

REair is composed of photosensitive molecules which get activated by THE light (natural or artificial) and in contact with air humidity, accelerating the decomposition of harmful organic substances in the air, thus enhancing the sanitizing action which is renewed over time.
REair molecules accelerate the decomposition of organic substances, microbes, nitrogen oxides, polycondensed aromatics, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol, benzene, ethylbenzene, monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.
In even simpler words, under the action of air and light, the electrons of the external orbit of the titanium dioxide present in REair are released, allowing oxygen to react with the contaminating substances, oxidizing them and transforming them into harmless molecules such as water, carbon dioxide and inorganic salts, also making the surfaces semi-repellent to fluids.

With a normal nebulizer utilized on walls, furniture, fabric or any other surface, REair, once exposed to light, activates its anti-bacteria, anti-pollution and self-cleaning action with a much greater power and effectiveness of any other product in the market. Titanium dioxide does not deteriorate and it shows a long-term antibacterial benefit.

The development of this great technology has led to the definition of a range of products for different surface treatment, called “intelligent coatings”, which guarantee performances that have never been achieved before in the field of eco-sustainable self-cleaning, air purification, reduction of odors and anti-bacterial.